With our Twitter integration, you can set a Formstack form to send out a Tweet every time you get a submission.  This is especially useful for keeping track of donations or event registrations.


To add the Twitter integration to your form, Settings > Integrations  > Social and then click the "Add" button next to the Twitter integration. This will add a tab under the Integration tab where you can add your credentials.



Next, click on the button that says "Log in to Twitter". 



Then, click on the button that says "Authorize App", this will allow Formstack to post on your twitter account when a form is submitted.


You will then be redirected back to the Twitter integration settings in Formstack where you can create the Tweet text that will be sent out each time someone submits your form.  It can include a link to the form and any fields from the form that you want to include.


To add fields from the form to your message, click on the variables shown below the Tweet text box. For example, if you have a Name field on your form, that will appear as a variable. You could set your message to say "{$21940772 Name} has just submitted our form!" and when the form is submitted, the data submitted on the form will display in that variable spot in the message.



If you'd like to receive an email when the Twitter integration fails, you can add your email address or multiple email addresses to the Email on Failure box. Make sure to place each email address on its own separate line.



Once you have filled out all the necessary and required fields, don't forget to switch the integration "on" via the toggle switch at the top of the integration settings when you are ready for the integration to be active. Should you need to turn the integration off, you can do so as well and Tweets will no longer be sent out.




Finally, should you need to change the Twitter account that the form is integrated with, simply click "Log in to Twitter with a different account" at the top of the integration settings and you will be able to switch to a different user.


Re-Running the Integration

If an integration fails upon submission, check your integration settings for errors in API or login credentials or in the mapping of form fields. Then, click on a submission in your database. You will see ‘Integration Status’ on the left side of the submission. Click "Run Again". The integration will begin running. If it is successful, a green "Success" message will appear. If it is not, a red "Failed” message will be shown. If this happens, go back to your integration settings and check for other errors in setup.


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