Date/Time Field Logic

Now available is the ability to base conditional logic rules off of a Date/Time field on your form. This gives you the option to show/hide specific fields based on a date, date range, or period of time. Follow this link if you need a quick refresher on Conditional Logic.

To begin, you'll need a Date field already on your form from which to base your logic rule. Then click on the field you'd like to show/hide with logic. Select the "Logic" button at the top of the field settings and begin to set up your rule based on your Date field.


Adding Logic Rules

From there you can select your Date field and the condition for which it should be shown/hidden. The eight logic options for the Date field are shown below.


If you choose your condition to be either "is between" or "is not between," you'll receive two date conditions. One for the beginning and end date of the rule.


If you choose your condition to be either "is within" or "is not within," you'll receive a selection to set the number of Days, Months, or Years from today's date.


• Due to the way in which store submissions, Date/Time field logic will not work with a Date field formatted with a 2-digit year. (i.e. - 12/31/18 or 31/12/18) You'll need to use a 4-digit year format for logic to work properly.



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