Calculation Builder

We're super excited to introduce to you our new and improved calculation builder! It's now so much easier to create calculations in Formstack! Here's a rundown of what's new:


Visual distinction between fields and operators in the calculation



We've revamped the calculation builder's interface to make it much easier to read calculations. Fields are now dark grey and operators and numbers are a lighter grey for more contrast between the two elements.


Drag and drop calculation elements


Forget one little operator in the middle of a giant calculation? Need to move a few elements around? No need to erase half (or all) of your calculation! The new calculation builder supports the dragging and dropping of elements!


Selectable calculation elements to specifically target deletion/editing of existing numbers in the calculation.



Did you just finish a ginormous calculation and realize you have two plus signs right in the middle of it? Now you can click on the extra plus sign and hit the "Delete" arrow icon to remove it!



Need to change that 2 to a 20? Click on the number element, then add the zero!


Expanded keyboard support (including cursor entry point with keyboard arrows, and ‘C’ to clear the calculation)



Move around your calculation with your keyboard arrows and edit number elements with your keyboard keys. You can even press the 'C' key to clear your entire calculation.



See Changes Live

Label changes (and deletions) on other fields in the form involved in the calculation will reflect in the calculation without having to reload the builder… if you had ‘Field A + 123’ in your calculation, and changed the name of ‘Field A’ to ‘New Field A’, the calculation would reflect that change (where previously it would not) and show ‘New Field A + 123’


Date/Time Field Calculations

Date/Time fields can now be used in the creation of calculations! For a full walkthrough on how to create these kinds of calculations, our full walkthrough can be found here.


Important notes

  • It is backward compatible with the previous calculation format… users won’t need to do anything to start using the new calculation builder.




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