Payment to Formstack Failed

When the normal monthly or yearly payment to Formstack fails we have a few items you can try to fix the issue.

1. The first thing we would recommend would be to check your balance on your card and make sure the funds are there to cover the charge.

2. Login in as an admin on the account and review the payment details on the billing page by going to Profile > Billing and you should see the current last 4 digits of the card and expiration date listed. Make sure both of those are correct and the expiration date is not past it's day.

3. Try to change the card to a different one if you have another one you can use, putting in the same card that is on the account will not change anything and always fail unless it is a change in expiration date.

4. If all of this fails we would advise you to reach out to your bank to make sure there are not any holds or blocks that are preventing the charge form going through. If after contacting them they confirm there are no issues we would recommend contacting the Formstack Support Team and provide the last 4 digits of the card you are trying to use, so we can look further into the issue and just let us know what you have done up to that point.

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