Checkbox Fields

Checkbox fields are used when you have several options on a field and want to give users the ability to select one or more of those options. If you want a field where the user can only select one option, you should use a Radio Button field instead.


Adding a Checkbox Field to Your Form 

To add a Checkbox field to your form, click the Checkbox button on the left side of the Build screen and drag and drop it onto your form.


The "Edit Field" window (shown below) will appear on the left side of the screen when your Checkbox field is selected. The label should be the question/statement you want to show up on the form. You must have a label, but you can choose to hide the label on the form by selecting "Hide Label" in the "Field Options" section.


Adding Checkbox Options 

To add your options, scroll down to the "Options" section, and type each option in a separate box. Options can be words or numbers. In the below example, the options on the field are Red, Blue, and Green. To add a new option, click the green plus sign next to the last option. To remove an option, click the red minus sign. To rearrange your options, click and hold to the right of the green plus sign and drag up or down. 

You can also add a "Check All" option or an "Other" option by selecting the appropriate boxes under "Field Options."



Using the Advanced Options Editor

You can also import options from a CSV file or use a saved list of options. Check out our Saved Lists doc for more information on using a saved list. To import options from a CSV file, open the Advanced Options Editor and drag and drop your file into the editor.

Additionally, if want to use Checkbox fields in calculations and assign dollar values to your options, you can select "Use Separate Values" under "List Options." In this example, the user is picking colors to use. The person filling out the form only sees the labels, not the values, as values are only used behind the scenes for calculations and third-party integrations. You can read more about separate values in our help page on Calculations


Customizing Your Checkbox Fields

 If you want one of your Checkbox options to be checked by default when users view your form, type that option exactly the same way in the "Default Value" area.



Additionally, you can choose vertical or horizontal layouts for your options. If you want to save space on your form, a horizontal list is a good option. 

Note: At this time, it is not possible to limit the number of checkboxes someone can click per field. It's also not possible to automatically number the checkboxes. You can include numbers manually in the option boxes (e.g., 1. Red).

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