Name Fields

Easily collect the name of the person filling out your form with the Name Field. This is an optional field since you can also use Short Answer Fields for first name and last name or simply use one Short Answer Field for the full name.


Note: Using Short Answer Fields is a great option if you want to ask for the last name first. All you need to do is add two short answer fields to your form, edit the Label text, and select "2 Columns" under Form Extras on the left-hand side. You can also use Short Answer Fields if you would like to split the first and last names into two different rows.

To add a Name Field to your form, click on the Name Field under Basic Fields on the left-hand side and drag it over to your form. 


Optional Sub-fields

By default, first name and last name are collected on a Name Field.  Optionally, you can also collect prefix, middle name, middle initial, and/or suffix.  Just check the box next to the names that you wish to collect.



Note: If you make the name field required all Optional Sub-fields will also be required. So, if you ask for middle names and make the first and last name required, then the middle name field will be set as required also.



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