How to create a V2 API Application (Key)

While Formstack offers a wide variety of third party integrations, some organizations look to integrate with programs we currently don't support. If you have a request for an unsupported integration, Formstack does have an open API that can be used to build a custom integration if you have a development team on hand. This article walks through how to create an API Key that will be used in those integrations.

Note: Integrations built using Formstack's open API are custom setups and will need to be built and maintained by the organization creating them.

Here's how to create a V2 API Application (key):

1) Login to your Formstack account as an Admin User and navigate to the API page. 


 Note: Only Admins can create v2 API Applications.


2) Click 'Create Application'



3) Fill out the required information



4) Click 'Create Application'. This will take you back to the API page. To access the API information (Client ID, Client Secret, Access Token, OAuth2 Authorization URL) click on the name of the API Application you just created. You can also view usage statistics from this page. 



More information on Formstack's V2 API can be found on our Developer Resources page.

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