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If you are converting data from a paper or PDF form to an online form with Formstack you may see something like this and not know what to do:

With Formstack you can create columns, but you can only add up to four. If you want to collect data in an online form for a fillable table you can use Sections and conditional logic to collect that information in a way that's easy for your users.  

In order to collect this information, you can create a Section that matches each row in your fillable table. Each column would be a field.

Using the example above our Section could look like this:  

This allows you to select the size of the area where the user can enter information. We can note, there is a "Do you have another resource to add?". This is an "Add Item" option. When the user clicks, "No" they continue on with the form. When the user clicks "Yes" they will see another Section asking them for the same information.

This allows the user to only see the fields they need to fill out, instead of all of the fields available.

How does this show in your submissions? This breaks down the data so it's easier to segment by type and can be sent to other integrations.

View of a single submission:





View from the main Submission screen:

 If you aren't sure how to create this type of section on your form, you can use the following links, that are also referenced above:

Creating Multiple Columns 

Creating an Add-Item form

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