Rating Fields

If you're wanting to collect feedback with your forms and surveys, make sure you drag and drop the new rating field onto your forms. You're in charge of the field and can determine the icon image, the number of icons the user can evaluate on, and advanced options like adding half ranking. Use this new field when collecting customer feedback, evaluating the success of an event, or calculating a net promoter score (NPS).

Adding a Rating Field to Your Form

To add a Rating field to your form, click the Rating button on the left side of the Build screen and drag and drop it onto your form.



The "Field Settings" window (shown below) will appear on the left side of the screen when your Rating field is selected. The label should be the question/statement you want the user to evaluate You must have a label, but you can choose to hide the label on the form by selecting "Hide Label" in the "Field Options" section.




Customize Rating Field

To customize your Rating Field scroll down to the Field-Specific options section. In this section, you are able to select if you want the icons to be stars or hearts. You can also select how many icons you want to appear on the field. You can have any number from 1 - 10 icons appear in the field. Note: The Rating Field color will default to the color of your labels, but you can change the color and size of your icons by editing your theme in style mode. You'll find the setting under Advanced Styles > Advanced Fields. 




You are also able to add advanced options, such as adding a N/A to the end of the field. Adding N/A allows your customers to opt-out of submitting a rating.

Advanced Rating Field Abilities


You are able to set up conditional logic based on the response a user provides on your rating field.


Using the rating you get in your calculations and perform advanced analysis like calculation CSAT and NPS scores.

Field Limitations

There are some limitations to the Rating field. You can find a list of them below.

  • Advanced PDFs will show only the numeric value of the field and not the icons

  • Not available for charting in submissions

  • Not able to alter advanced settings to save additional values

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