Clearing Google Sheets Errors

If you are using Google Sheets to receive Form data and it suddenly stops working or you are receiving errors from Google, you may need to reset your Worksheet to establish a new connection between the Form and Google Worksheet.  Many of these errors source from a field within the Worksheet and/or an invalid Worksheet ID therefore refreshing this connection will allow Formstack to pull in the most recent and accurate data from Google.

To refresh this connection, please follow the steps below:

1. Refresh your Worksheet
Log into your Formstack Account and navigate to the Form(s) returning Google errors.  Click into the Form Settings tab > Google Sheets integration Settings.  From here, scroll down to the Integration Settings and locate the "Worksheet" mapping.  Click the green "refresh" option to the right of the Worksheet dropdown.  Please be sure to refresh the Worksheet and not the Spreadsheet as indicated below.

Pro tip: You can view any/all failed Submissions to Google through the Notification Center.  To access this, click the Alarm Bell icon in the upper-right of your Formstack Account.  At the bottom of this dropdown, click the "All Notifications" link > Integration Failures​.

2. Rerunning failed Submissions
After the Worksheet has been refreshed, new Submissions coming into the Form should parse to Google without any returned errors; any failed Submissions can be easily rerun.  To rerun your data to Google, navigate to the Form > Submissions tab.  Place a checkmark next to all or a select grouping of Submissions you would like to resend.  Finally, click the "Resend to Integration" option.  Depending on how many Submissions you are rerunning and how much data is included in each Submission, the resend may take a few seconds or 1-2 minutes. 

Still seeing Google errors?
If Google errors persist, you may need to remove and re-add the whole integration to reset and reestablish a completely new connection through the API:

  1. Navigate to the Form > Settings tab > Google Sheets integration.  

  2. Click the "Remove" option in the upper-right of the integration Settings.  

  3. Click back into the Integration settings from the left-side bar > scroll down to "Available Integrations" > Documents > find Google Sheets and click "Add".

  4. Click the "Settings" option next to the newly added Google Sheets integration click the "Log in to Google Sheets" button so Formstack can access the Google Sheets account.

  5. Lastly, map your Fields to Google by first choosing a Spreadsheet, then a Worksheet and finally map Form Fields into your Google Sheets cells.

At this point, you can rerun Submissions and/or accept new Submissions to Google Sheets.

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