Scheduled Exports

Automating your reporting process is now possible with Formstack using the new Scheduled Exports feature!

 Creating a scheduled export is easy and can be done from the submissions page as pictured below. 


 After you've clicked on "Create Scheduled Export" you'll see a few options to configure your report to your liking. 

With Scheduled Exports, you are now able to schedule a report to run daily, weekly, or monthly.

  • Daily - schedule for a specific time of the day
  • Weekly - schedule for a specific day and time of the week
  • Monthly - schedule for a specific day and time of the month

Note: The time zone for scheduling will be based on the time zone set on the form.

By default, the "All Submissions" filter will automatically be applied. However, you can also set your Scheduled Exports based on any filter you've created in the submissions table.

If you're creating multiple Scheduled Exports, the next export will include the new submissions received since the previous export sent.


Once you're finished, you can click on Save and Schedule.  




Key Things to Remember

  • Reports can only be sent to other users within your Formstack account
  • Forms with encryption on the submissions cannot be used with scheduled exports. They must be exported manually by a user with appropriate access.
  • The user will receive an email at the time of scheduled export
  • This user must log in with their Formstack credentials to access the exported file
  • After successfully logging in, the file will automatically begin downloading in their internet browser
  • Account users are able to view previously scheduled exports that have not been deleted in the Scheduled Exports container in the Submissions page
    • Note: If you're unable to view the Scheduled Exports container, make sure that you have access to that form's submissions. Please reach out to your account admin if you need to update your permissions.


Product Limitations

  • Monthly sends can only be scheduled on the first of the month
  • Exports may take time to send if a large amount of data is being exported at the same time across all customers
  • Scheduled exports are only currently available in a .csv file format
  • Must be an account user to send and receive scheduled exports
  • Emailed files will expire after 10 days
    • No notification is sent out when a scheduled export is about to expire
    • If a user tries to download an export that has been expired, the will receive an error message
    • A new report will need to be manually exported to replace the expired file
  • If a user has an export scheduled but has no submissions, they will receive an email to let them know there are no new submissions to export
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