Platform Plan Admin Panel Overview


The Formstack Administration site is your one stop for all Formstack user and account settings. Access your Admin site to do the following:

  • Your Apps: View and access all products you have access to and start trials of products you don’t.
    • View all apps that belong to your account
    • Access available apps by clicking the blue ‘Open’ button below the associated product
    • Learn more about other apps Formstack offers
    • Start Trials of select apps by clicking the ‘Start Trial’ button next to the app name
  • Your Profile: On this page you can:
    • Edit your personal information (name, avatar, time zone)
    • Change your password
    • View your platform role (basic or Platform Admin)
    • View your product access (Platform Admins can edit their own access rights)
    • Enable or Disable 2-factor Authentication and manage backup codes
  • Account Settings: Platform Admins can manage account settings for all apps
    • Update your Account’s name
    • Add your company logo
    • View your Account ID for Support purposes
  • Security Settings: Platform Admins can manage security settings for all apps
    • Set a minimum password length requirement greater than 6
    • Set additional password requirements
    • Set the session timeout length
  • Manage Users: Platform Admins can manage users across the account and apps
    • Add/Invite new users to your account
    • View all users across apps or filter by app
    • Edit user settings and platform and app access
    • Send password reset emails to users
    • Re-send invitations to new users who haven’t accepted their invitations
  • Authentication Providers (Coming Soon): Platform Admins can manage their SSO Authentication Settings for all apps
    • Enable Google SSO Authentication
    • Create and manage custom SSO Authentication with the SAML identity provider service. 
    • Enable User Creation via SSO
    • Force users to login via SSO
  • Billing & Plan Overview: Platform Admins on Platform accounts can view and edit billing and plan information
    • View trial status
    • Purchase a Platform plan
    • View plan details
    • Compare additional Platform plans
    • Edit billing information
    • Customize your Platform plan
    • Deactivate your account
  • Invoices: Platform Admins on Platform accounts can view invoices
    • View all invoices
    • Export invoices


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