Formstack Forms to Microsoft SharePoint

With our Formstack Forms to SharePoint integration, you can automatically upload documents, files and photos into SharePoint through any of your form submissions.

This means no more need for manual uploads of files and photos into SharePoint.

To get started you'll need a Microsoft SharePoint account, a Formstack Forms account and a Microsoft PowerAutomate account.

Here's a quick video to show you how to get everything set up:

How to Setup Integration:

Step 1:  Build a Form in your Formstack Forms Account

Step 2:  Select a New Flow in Power Automate

You can do this by logging into your Power Automate account and clicking My Flows>+New Flow>Instant Cloud Flow.


Step 3:  Name Flow & Select the Formstack Forms Trigger

  • Give your flow a name of your choice.
  • Type in Formstack Forms in the “Choose your flow’s trigger” box & select “Triggers when a form is submitted.”
  • Click Create.

Step 4:  Connect your Power Automate & Formstack Forms Accounts

Follow prompts to sign into your Formstack Forms account using your username/password and give Power Automate permission to connect.



Step 5:  Select a Form

From the dropdown, select a form that you’d like to use in this flow & click + New Step.


Step 6:  Choose Sharepoint & Your Action

In this example, our action will be to create a file since we will be uploading a new file from our form submission to Sharepoint.


Step 7:  Connect to your Sharepoint Site & Choose the Sharepoint Folder

First, you’ll need to connect your Sharepoint Site Address where you would like to send your file upload in the Site Address dropdown.

Next, you’ll choose the Sharepoint folder where you would like to save your file upload by clicking the folder icon & choosing from the list of folder options in your account.

If you don’t have a Sharepoint site or folder setup yet, you'll need to do this first and then return to this step to setup.

Step 8:  Map Form Fields to Sharepoint fields

You’ll need to setup a 1 to 1 mapping of your form fields to your SharePoint fields.

You’ll see your SharePoint field names appear on the left side of your screen (ie.  File Name & File Content) & you’ll see an empty box to the right of each one.  

Below each empty box select “Add Dynamic Content” and you'll see a menu that pops up with all of the questions from your Formstack Form.

Simply add the Formstack question to the box that lines up with each SharePoint field name where you want to send the data & click save.  Super simple!

Step 9:  Test your flow

You can test your new flow by making a submission on your form & making sure your data & file show up in SharePoint.
Congrats!  You can now automate all of your file uploads into Sharepoint!



Dropdowns and Checkbox fields require the use of a Join data operation. To learn more, click here.

Uploading a file from a Formstack Form via PowerAutomate to another software product like OneDrive or Sharepoint requires a small simple workaround. For more information click here.

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