Saved Fields

Please Note

The Prefill Mapping feature is currently in beta and not currently available to all users at this time

We’ve made form building even easier! 

With our Saved Fields feature, you can save the fields you frequently use on forms so you don’t have to repeatedly update the field name, placeholder text, or other settings each time you add it to a form. 

Using SSO? Use the Saved Fields feature in conjunction with the Field Prefill add-on to pre-populate forms for your end users. 

Here’s a look at how you can save your most frequently used fields. 

1. Start by creating a new form. 


2. Use the drag-and-drop builder to add fields to your form. Rename your field and update the field settings, as needed. 


3. Under your general field settings, you’ll see the option to SAVE THIS FIELD FOR REUSE LATER. Give your Saved Field a title and save. 

4. Once you’ve established your Saved Fields, you’re ready to set up Field Prefill.

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